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@author Roberto Saccon <> []
@author Stuart Jackson <> []
@author Luke Hubbard <> []
@author Max Lapshin <> []
@copyright 2007 Luke Hubbard, Stuart Jackson, Roberto Saccon, 2009 Max Lapshin
@reference See <a href="" target="_top"></a> for more information
@title ErlyVideo / ErlMedia Flash Media Server in Erlang
@doc The Erlyvideo / ErlMaedia project is an Open Source Flash Media server writen in Erlang.
Currently this software can:
* stream, seek, pause and resume mp4 and flv files from disk;
* fast starting of flv playback with building index for seek in background;
* provide push channel to flash, just like juggernaut, just like AMQP;
* record flv from camera;
* have possibility to auth users.
possibly it can:
* broadcast flv between people
future plans:
* try to change quality on fly
What you can do right now?
* use it for streaming flv and mp4 files
* use it like juggernaut