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Dockapps are small tiles that easily fit into a dock in your window manager, but each one could be considered a complete configuration application, amusement, monitoring tool, or a combination of features.

Each tile is generally larger than a tray icon but smaller than an application, so they offer a way to do detailed operations while staying out of the way.

The instructions below compliment the README file in each app's subdirectory.

Generally, you should consult the individual README before running the commands in this file.


(issue reporting, pull request instructions, official links, etc.)

The issue tracker is at

However, this repository is just used for the issue tracker and hosting The main code is hosted at, and patches should be submitted to using git send-email.



  1. If there is no "configure" script but there are autotools input files such as "", first run:
    autoreconf -fi

If there is no "configure" script but there is an or autogen file, run that instead:

    # or ./autogen
  1. @OldCoder says that compiling old C programs requires a special configure command before make:
    CFLAGS="-fcommon" bash ./configure

@Poikilos says: The special configure line above resolves multiple definition errors such as:

/usr/bin/ld: wmgeneral.o:/home/x/git/dockapps/wmmp3/wmgeneral.h:44: multiple definition of `display'; main.o:/home/x/git/dockapps/wmmp3/wmgeneral.h:44: first defined here

where /home/x/git/dockapps is the location from which you are compiling.

  • If you already tried make and it failed, you still must run make clean before trying make again so that the new configure line's fixes will take effect.


  1. Generally, at this point (after doing the Compile steps; or after extracting a release source archive if it contains binaries) you can run:
    sudo make install

unless make had errors, or the app's readme has special install instructions.

  1. If you are using Joe's Window Manager, you can make several dockapps part of a tray. You can make a tray tag directly inside of the JWM tag of ~/.jwmrc, such as via:
    <Tray layout="vertical" x="0" y="356" halign="left" width="69">
         <Swallow width="60" height="62" name="fishmon">wmfishtime</Swallow>
         <Swallow width="60" height="62" name="wmmp3">wmmp3</Swallow>
   (where wmfishtime or wmmp3 is the executable in your system's PATH)
   - If you aren't sure how to configure Joe's Window Manager
     but you have jwm installed, you can use the
     default rc file as a template:
    if [ ! -f ~/.jwmrc ]; then
        cp /etc/jwm/system.jwmrc ~/.jwmrc
        echo "$HOME/.jwmrc already exists."