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Various tools to make my life easier


The has_template() function was written to bring the behavior of the file resource's source attribute to the world of templates. The template() function concatenates multiple templates when multiple paths are passed in as arguments. Sometimes, this is not the desired behavior. In cases where it is desirable to choose between templates, it is now possible to use:

file { '/tmp/foo': content => has_template("example/sites/${my_site}/test.erb", 'example/global/test.erb') }

If the example above, modules/example/templates/sites/${my_site}/test.erb will be used if it exists. Otherwise, the global template will be used. This makes working with templates very similar to the way we can choose between file sources using the source attribute with multiple arguments.

While not tested, it should even be possible to combine this new functionality with the default concatenation behavior of template() like so:

file { '/tmp/foo': content => template(has_template("example/sites/${my_site}/test.erb", 'example/global/test.erb'), 'example/global/now_we_are_getting_crazy.erb') }


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