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Symfony2 CMS

This is a CMS with Symfony 2.1.x


  • How to create a Symfony Bundle
  • Controller
    • How to render twig -- How to use Doctrine
    • How to get request data
  • Entity
    • Normal Entity and Form
    • Entity and Form with Doctrine ORM
    • Validate entity
    • CRUD
    • Upload a file with doctrine
    • Relationship of entity
  • Twig
    • usage of Twig
    • How to create a Twig extension
  • Security
    • User entity (implements UserInterface)
    • Set app/config/security.yml
  • To be continued


Step 1:

Download Symfony2 CMS

Step 2:

To install symfony2-cms, do the following:

  • cd symfony2-cms
  • cp app/config/parameters.yml.dist app/config/parameters.yml
  • curl -s | php
  • php composer.phar install
  • app/console assetic:dump

NOTE: you can use the following command:

  • php composer.phar update

Step 3:

  • modify the database and email configuration in app/config/parameters.yml

  • and set app/cache and app/logs folder 777 or 755 or 644

Step 4:

  • create database:
    • php app/console doctrine:database:create
  • create table:
    • php app/console doctrine:schema:create

Step 5:

config apache ...

It should now work. If you run into any issues, feel free to open a new issue or make a new pull request. Please write your questions to issues if you have some questions.