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Welcome to Windup

Windup is an automated application migration and assessent tool. If you want to contribute or participate in developer discussions, join us on the #windup channel or subscribe to the windup-dev mailing list.

About Windup

Windup is a tool used to simplify Java application migrations.

What’s New with Windup?

The Maven plugin is now available! See the Maven Plugin Guide for installation and usage information.

See the 4.1.0 Release Notes for more information about the 4.1.0 release.

Windup Guides

  • Getting Started Guide: Learn about the various Windup tools and how they can be used to migrate your applications.

  • CLI Guide: Use the Windup CLI to migrate your applications.

  • Web Console Guide: Use the Windup web console to group your applications into projects for analysis.

  • Eclipse Plugin Guide: Identify and resolve migration issues by running Windup against your applications in Eclipse.

  • Maven Plugin Guide: Integrate into the Maven build process to identify migration issues with each build.

  • Rules Development Guide: Create custom rule add-ons for Windup.

Additional Resources

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