Playhead is an easy way for you to navigate your Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express timeline from your iPhone.
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Playhead Agent


Playhead is an easy way for you to navigate your Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express timeline from your iPhone. Playhead takes some of the pain out of organizing lots of footage by allowing you to do it from a comfortable position rather than sitting over the keyboard. It is also great for client presentations, such as when they come to visit your studio. Playhead is not, however, intended to replace your keyboard and mouse for editing.

"If you’ve got a large edit suite and often review footage with clients …throw this App in your digital toolbox." -FCPDaily

"Playhead works with both Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express, and at only $2.99 it's a great app to have in your digital toolbox!" -GeniusDV

Featured on MacBreak Studio!

Playhead_1 Playhead_2 Playhead_3


  • play/pause, rewind, fast forward, frame-by-frame controls, jump to beginning/end of timeline
  • switch between Viewer and Timeline
  • set in and out points
  • make, name, and color-label subclips
  • maker creation and navigation
  • Match Frame
  • Mark Clip
  • External Video - All Frames

Getting started with Playhead is a piece of cake.

  • Download and copy Playhead Agent into your Applications folder.
  • While Final Cut is running, open Playhead Agent (you must allow Playhead Agent to have network access, make sure it's not blocked in System Preferences/Security/Firewall, make sure your router allows local TCP connections).
  • Open Playhead on your iPhone or iPod Touch (must be on the same Wi-Fi network as the Mac running Final Cut).
  • The Playhead Agent status bar icon will turn red when a successful connection has been made.
  • No network config, it just works!

v1.1 Released 5 August 2010


Playhead makes use of the ThoMoNetworking Library

A word from the developer...

Apple has made this too expensive for me to keep on the App Store, so here you go, have a ball. For those who found it useful, I'm doing what I can to give it back now that it's off the App Store. For everyone who purchased it, thanks. It was a fun ride. I won't be offering any support for it, and I wish you the best of luck compiling it.

Unfortunately it doesn't have any Retina or iPad stuff working. Under Downloads, I've also put a compiled version of Playhead Agent that I think will run on OSX 10.4.