The library that uses dependency parsing to preprocess text to train DisSent model
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This is the official repo that we used to train for DisSent paper. It is not yet cleaned up and not ready for official release. But it has come to our notice that the community still lacks efficient sentence representation models (public ones), so we are providing access to people our trained model.

You can download the trained models from the following AWS S3 link: (Books 5, Books 8, and Books ALL)

You can also load the models by using the following script:

Please contact if you have problem using these scripts! Thank you!


In the paper, we mentioned a specific evaluation dataset DIS that we created to evaluate model's performance on discourse marker.

You can download this dataset following this link:

Dependency Pattern Instructions

depdency_patterns = [
    "still": [
        {"POS": "RB", "S2": "advmod", "S1": "parataxis", "acceptable_order": "S1 S2"},
        {"POS": "RB", "S2": "advmod", "S1": "dep", "acceptable_order": "S1 S2"},
    "for example": [
        {"POS": "NN", "S2": "nmod", "S1": "parataxis", "head": "example"}
    "but": [
        {"POS": "CC", "S2": "cc", "S1": "conj", "flip": True}

Acceptable_order: "S1 S2"": a flag to reject weird discourse term like "then" referring to previous sentence, but in itself a S2 S1 situation. In general it's hard to generate a valid (S1, S2) pair.

flip: True: a flag that means rather than S2 connecting to marker, S1 to S2; it's S1 connecting to marker, then S1 connects to S2.

head: "example"": for two words, which one is the one we use to match dependency patterns.


[x] switch to better (more automatic) dependency parsing with corenlp [x] finish making test cases and editing parser for all discourse markers in english [x] rewrite producer [ ] run model on new dataset for English [ ] get Chinese and Spanish corpora [ ] check parser on a few examples of English BookCorpus data [ ] record dependency patterns for Chinese and Spanish [ ] what if this doesn't work?

Parsing performance

Out of 176 Wikitext-103 examples:

  • accuracy = 0.81 (how many correct pairs or rejections overall?)
  • precision = 0.89 (given that the parser returns a pair, was that pair correct?)

This excludes all "still" examples, because they were terrible.