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Winepak Sdk Images

Platform and SDK runtimes for winepak based applications.


Winepak is structure in three main parts; the runtime, the wine extensions, and the applications. The core of Winepak is the org.winepak.Platform and org.winepak.Sdk. The Platform & SDK contain the core modules for Winepak and a stable version of Wine, eg. Wine 3.0.

In order to use more feature rich versions of Wine users are encouraged to download/build/install Wine extensions. For example to take advantage of Wine staging you would install the org.winepak.Platform.Wine//x.x-staging package. So for Wine staging 3.8 you would need org.winepak.Platform.Wine//3.8-staging. Each application is free to extend the version of Wine they need, however, they should attempt to use the stable version of wine first. Users can also specify a Wine extension themselves with the hopes that it works.

Finally applications are built using the base Platform and SDK.


Remember run all flatpak commands as a user, root and sudo are not needed.


First you need the base org.freedesktop.Sdk and org.freedesktop.Platform from

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak install flathub org.freedesktop.Sdk
flatpak install flathub org.freedesktop.Platform

New repo

Now we link the repo which stores the winepak builds, which will be called winepak. It will also create a directory called winepak in the directory the command was called.

flatpak --user remote-add --no-gpg-verify --if-not-exists winepak winepak-repo

Building the runtime

Now we need to build the org.winepak.Platform and org.winepak.Sdk. Depending on the application you may need 64bit or 32bit wine. For WoW64 support, see below. If the runtime will be distrusted it should be signed with a GPG key using --gpg-sign=${GPG_KEY}. If applications and/or runtimes are not signed with GPG they can't be installed at the system level and need to be installed at the user level with --user.

flatpak-builder --arch=i386 --ccache --keep-build-dirs --force-clean --repo=winepak-repo builds/winepak-sdk-images-i386 org.winepak.Sdk.yml
flatpak-builder --arch=x86_64 --ccache --keep-build-dirs --force-clean --repo=winepak-repo builds/winepak-sdk-images-x86_64 org.winepak.Sdk.yml

Building wine, wine-gecko, wine-mono, and cabextract can take a while.

It's also recommended you build Wine extensions with the staging branch. A good amount of applications need the patches from staging to work. Here I'm building wine 3.8-staging:

flatpak-builder --arch=i386 --ccache --keep-build-dirs --force-clean --repo=winepak-repo builds/winepak-sdk-images-wine-3.8-staging-i386 winepak-sdk-images/wine/3.8-staging/org.winepak.Platform.Wine.yml
flatpak-builder --arch=x86_64 --ccache --keep-build-dirs --force-clean --repo=winepak-repo builds/winepak-sdk-images-wine-3.8-staging-x86_64 winepak-sdk-images/wine/3.8-staging/org.winepak.Platform.Wine.yml

Building WoW64 Support

In order for Wine 64bit to be full functional you need to something called "WoW64" support, which is a Windows method of loading 32bit libraries and binaries on a 64bit environment. The current method to achieve this is building a "*.Compat32" extension, which is simply the i386/32bit *.Platform bundle as an extension to the x86_64/64bit Platform.

To do this run:

flatpak build-commit-from --verbose --src-ref=runtime/org.winepak.Sdk/i386/3.0 winepak-repo runtime/org.winepak.Sdk.Compat32/x86_64/3.0
flatpak build-commit-from --verbose --src-ref=runtime/org.winepak.Platform/i386/3.0 winepak-repo runtime/org.winepak.Platform.Compat32/x86_64/3.0

It's also recommended you build Wine extensions with the staging branch. A good amount of applications need the patches from staging to work. Here I'm building wine 3.8-staging:

flatpak build-commit-from --verbose --src-ref=runtime/org.winepak.Platform.Wine/i386/3.8-staging winepak-repo runtime/org.winepak.Platform.Wine.Compat32/x86_64/3.8-staging

Install the runtime

Now install the org.winepak.* runtime, if you don't build with a GPG key then you will be forced to install the runtime with --user.

flatpak --user install winepak org.winepak.Sdk/x86_64/3.0
flatpak --user install winepak org.winepak.Platform/x86_64/3.0

flatpak --user install winepak org.winepak.Sdk/i386/3.0
flatpak --user install winepak org.winepak.Platform/i386/3.0

If you built the staging branch, install those as well:

flatpak --user install winepak org.winepak.Platform.Wine/i386/3.8-staging
flatpak --user install winepak org.winepak.Platform.Wine/x86_64/3.8-staging

Install Compat32

If you built Compat32/WoW64 support install those as well:

flatpak --user install winepak org.winepak.Sdk.Compat32/x86_64/3.0
flatpak --user install winepak org.winepak.Platform.Compat32/x86_64/3.0
flatpak --user install winepak org.winepak.Platform.Wine.Compat32/x86_64/3.8-staging

Building an application

See winepak/applications.


Platform and SDK runtimes for winepak based applications




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