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Wrapper for savage2.bin dedicated server.

* The wrapper launches the savage2 binary as dedicated server, establishes a connection between the binary and the wrapper.
  - Wrapper monitors if the server is up, may it have died the wrapper relaunches it.

* The wrapper has a telnet interface as proof of concept. (default listening on port 4242)
  - The telnet interface will display the server console
  - has a input functionality to perform commands and see output.

* May the wrapper be exitted the savage2 dedicated server will run as normal.

* Plugins
	"Plugins run in an instance, so you can store data and make applications on the savage2.bin binary, like autoshuffle."
	- currently controllable by stdin interface
	  - Commands:
		plugins rediscover (loads new plugins when placed in /plugins/
        	plugins list (discovered plugins)
		>  Returns a list of Plugin Names
		plugins enable <name> (enable discovered plugin)
		plugins disable <name> (enable discovered plugin)
		plugins reload <name> (reloads discovered plugin)

        - ConsolePlugin(ConsoleParser)
        * Inherits callbacks from the ConsoleParser

	Directory relative of this file /plugins/
	   class TestPlugin(ConsolePlugin)
  	      def onReceivedAccountId (self, *args, **kwargs):
		// do stuff

* Library

 - (Base)ConsoleParser
	onReceivedAccountId (client_id , account_id)
	onConnect (idx , client_id, ip, port)
	onSetName (idx, nickname)
	onTeamChange (nickname, team)
	onMessage (channel[All,Team 1, Team 2], message)
	onServerStatus (map, timestamp, client_num, disconnect_num, entries, snapshots)
	onServerStatusResponse (map, timestamp, client_num, disconnect_num, entries, snapshots)
	onDisconnect (idx)
	onConnected (name)
	onPlayerReady (idx)
	onNewGame ()

* For example purposes:
 - TestParser(ConsoleParser)
   - onReceivedAccountId (client_id , account_id)
     * Retrieves the SF of a player from the account_id from the savage2 website. (useful for auto balance)