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----- Lucius README -----
This is a mirror of
This color scheme was originally created by combining my favorite parts of
the following color schemes:
* oceandeep (vimscript #368)
* peaksea (vimscript #760)
* wombat (vimscript #1778)
* moria (vimscript #1464)
* zenburn (vimscript #415)
Version 6+ has been revamped a bit from the original color scheme. If you
prefer the old style, or the 'blue' version, use the 5Final release. Version 6+
only has a light and dark version. The new version tries to unify some of the
colors and also adds more contrast between text and interface.
The color scheme is dark, by default. You can change this by setting the
g:lucius_style variable to "light" or "dark". Once the color scheme is
loaded, you can use the commands "LuciusLight" or "LuciusDark" to change
schemes quickly.
Screenshots of the new version (6+):
* Dark:
* Light:
Screenshots of the old versions (5Final):
* Dark:
* Light:
* Blue:
colorsupport.vim (vimscript #2682) is used to help with mapping the GUI
settings to the 256 terminal colors.
This color scheme also has custom colors defined for the following plugins:
* vimwiki (vimscript #2226)
* tagbar (vimscript #3465)