A pointless LED + Buzzer Raspberry Pi X Telegram bot project
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Raspberry Pi LED X Buzzer code

This is a totally pointless Raspberry Pi Project.

Awesome shout out to gumslone's raspi_buzzer_player for the mario buzzer song: https://github.com/gumslone/raspi_buzzer_player

LED lights X buzzer controller

The LED light could be controlled by a few command via Telegram bot.

greet = Get a friendly response from the bot
green = Green LED light on
blue = Blue LED light on
red = Red LED light on
off = All the LED lights will be offf
fizzbuzz = Do a fizzbuzz test with the LED, counting to 25
all = All the lights will light up
beep = Buzzer will beep once
mario = Mario song!
exit = This really does nothing of importance except the bot will bid you goodbye. But the bot is still active. XP   

If you send gibberish to the bot, the cultured bot will return a beautiful random quote :)

Connect to Telegram bot

Telegram bots are fun! Check out the Telegram API document to get started. My telegram bot API key is stored in a document call api.py as telegram_api. To start the bot after everything is set up, just run python telegram_bot.py.

Breadboard setup

3 LEDs: 1 blue, 1 green, 1 red

220 Ohm Resistor: Connects to negative of LED and negative rail of breadboard

M/F jumper wire: Connects to positive of LED and GPIO pins on Raspi

1 passive buzzer

M/F jumper wire: Connects to positive of buzzer and GPIO pin of Raspi

M/M jumper wire: Connects to negative of buzzer and negative rail of breadboard

1 ground wire

Connects to negative rail of breadboard and Ground pin of Raspi