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wingdspur January 07, 2013
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CodeIgniter Library for retrieving stats from Piwik Open Source Analytics. Also a helper is included for generating a piwik tracking tag based on the piwik settings defined in the piwik config file.


  1. CodeIgniter 1.7.2 - 2.1.3
  2. Piwik Install
  3. For GeoIP capabilities: MaxMind GeoLiteCity

Helpful Links


// --- CONFIGURATION ( config/piwik.php ) ------------------------------------------ //

// Base URL to the Piwik Install
$config['piwik_url'] = '';

// HTTPS Base URL to the Piwik Install (not required)
$config['piwik_url_ssl'] = '';

// Piwik Site ID for the website you want to retrieve stats for
$config['site_id'] = 1;

// Piwik API token, you can find this on the API page by going to the API link from the Piwik Dashboard
$config['token'] = '0b3b2sdgsd7e82385avdfgde44dsfgd5g';

// To turn geoip on, you will need to set to TRUE  and GeoLiteCity.dat will need to be in helpers/geoip
$config['geoip_on'] = FALSE;

// Controls whether piwik_tag helper function outputs tracking tag (for production, set to TRUE)
$config['tag_on'] = FALSE;

// --- LIBRARY Usage --------------------------------------------------------------- //

// Load Libary

// Get Actions for Today
$data['actions'] = $this->piwik->actions('day', 'today');
// Get Actions for Last 10 Days
$data['actions'] = $this->piwik->actions('day', 10);
// Get Actions for Last 6 months
$data['actions'] = $this->piwik->actions('month', 6);

// Get Today's 20 Last Visitors
$data['visitors'] = $this->piwik->last_visits('today', 20);

// Get Today's Last 20 Visitors Formatted 
// Eliminates needs from parsing whats returned from the last_visits function, does GeoIP lookup if enabled
$data['visitors'] = $this->piwik->last_visits_parsed('today', 20);

// If GeoIP enabled, and you want to get geoip information, pass it an IP Address
$geoip = $this->piwik->get_geoip('');

// --- HELPER Usage ---------------------------------------------------------------- //

// Load the helper to use to generate tracking tag

// Call the helper function before the closing body tag in your view
<?php echo piwik_tag(); ?>

// --- Controller Usage ------------------------------------------------------------ //

// See the included example controller


  • Add more library functions for other API methods
  • Finish documentation for all existing library functions and add user guide
  • Improve the way data is returned in some of the functions
  • Integrate GeoIP with Google Maps API to build a visitor map
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