Having fun with virtual machines and languages.
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Dave's VM playground

This is very, very experimental. I've always wanted to try and write my own programming language, and this might just be the start.

Note that I never enjoyed any college-level compiler design course and also don't have any other formal education in the area of programming language or virtual machine design.

So: Before you cry out "YOUR STUPID, WHY DO YOU EVEN TRY TO DO THIS!!!!1", please know this: This thingy here is actually MEANT to be a mistake. Yep.

With that said, here goes:

Every subdirectory in this repo will contain a virtual machine, or language interpreter / specification / whatever. I hope that each new version will support a few more features or be otherwise further advanced. I intend to keep the old versions around, so any other programmer who would like to embark on the same journey, will find some rough charts around that sea. There be plenty of dragons, i'm sure!