A small python script that helps you track what you're currently working on.
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About this script

This is a small python script that helps you track what you're currently working on.

It helps you remember what you did all day (or night), then helps you with reconstructing your work day. No fancy GUI or anything, just a commandline thingy that intends to be useful, yet simple.

How to use

Install the script in your ~/bin or /usr/local/bin folder and chmod+x it. Then, you can issue the following commands to track your work:

work on <task-description>     -- start working on given task description, stop any previous task
work edit <task-description>   -- edits text of last task
work done                      -- stop current task
work resume                    -- resumes the last logged task
work resume <id>               -- resumes task with given id (see work since, work today etc.)
work reset                     -- removes last task

There are also a few commands available to list / analyze what you've done in the past:

work today                     -- list all tasks recorded today
work list                      -- list all recorded tasks
work since yyyy-mm-dd          -- list all tasks since the given date
work sum                       -- Sum of work time, grouped by day

Yep, that's about it.

More fun

There are a couple more sub-commands that you could use. If it's too cumbersome for you to even enter "work on whatever" in a terminal, why not try this little oneliner here?

xdotool behave_screen_edge --delay 300 top-left  exec work on --ask

Now, if your mouse touches the top-left corner of the screen, a text box pops up asking you what you're working on. Just enter some text, and voilà!


The script stores it's data in an SQLite database in your home directory under ~/.workon/worklog.db.