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#Project: Chambers

###Summary: The rise of civilization is closely tied to the rise of recorded language through literature. Civilization rose to great heights in ancient Greece and Rome through the keeping of scrolls and the sharing of philosophy, science, poetry, history and plays.

After the Dark Ages, civilization rose again through the invention of the printing press and the availability of mass market literature.

Today technology makes historical works of literature instantly available to those willing to spend the time searching for it. But who has time to search? What we need today is curators to select good sets of books that people can browse and have instant access to.

Chambers is a new web application that allows all users to build their own chambers of books, curated to their own tastes or to particular subject matters, and make them publicly available to other users.

The idea is that you have users who can do two different things. The first is to build chambers and add ebooks to them. The second is to review ebooks that are in chambers, add them to a reading list, and be able to download them at their leisure.



  • Ruby 2.2.3
  • Rails 4.2.4
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Heroku 3.42.2
  • Bootstrap
  • PostgreSQL

##User Stories, Wireframes, ERD
See my User Stories, Wireframes, and Entity Relationship Diagram on Trello!


  1. Users
  2. Access_Types
  3. Chambers
  4. Books
  5. Reviews