eclipse plugin for hadoop 2.2.0 , 2.4.1
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eclipse plugin for hadoop 2.x.x

How to build

[hdpusr@demo hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin]$ cd src/contrib/eclipse-plugin

Assume hadoop installation directory is /usr/share/hadoop

[hdpusr@apclt eclipse-plugin]$ ant jar -Dversion=2.4.1 -Dhadoop.version=2.4.1 -Declipse.home=/opt/eclipse -Dhadoop.home=/usr/share/hadoop

final jar will be generated at directory


release version included

release/hadoop-eclipse-kepler-plugin-2.4.1.jar # not tested yet


options required

version: plugin version

hadoop.version: hadoop version you want to compiled with

eclipse.home: path of eclipse home

hadoop.home: path of hadoop 2.x home

How to debug

start eclipse with debug parameter:

/opt/eclipse/eclipse -clean -consolelog -debug

Note: compile issues resolve:

  1. For different hadoop, adjust ${hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin-master}/ivy/, to match hadoop dependency lib version.
  2. modify ${hadoop2x-eclipse-plugin}/src/contrib/eclipse-plugin/build.xml, in the node: <attribute name="Bundle-ClassPath" .... to add the jar needed.