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This is my fork of alexwlchan's ao3 package, which is not actively maintained. Contributors to this include etothepii and superborb. I actively maintain this fork and welcome contributions.

A departure from the original package is that this one uses your username and cookie, rather than plaintext password entry.

  • verity (ladyofthelog)

This Python package provides a scripted interface to some of the data on AO3 (the Archive of Our Own).

It is not an official API.

This package no longer is compatible with Py2.


I want to be able to write Python scripts that use data from AO3.

An official API for AO3 data has been on the roadmap for a couple of years. Until that appears, I've cobbled together my own page-scraping code that does the job. It's a bit messy and fragile, but it seems to work most of the time.

If/when we get the proper API, I'd drop this in a heartbeat and do it properly.

  • alexwlchan


Create an API instance:

>>> from ao3 import AO3,
>>> api = AO3()

Logging into your account

Enter the contents of your _otwarchive_session cookie and username


If you have Viewing History enabled, you can get a list of works from that history.

>>> rh=api.user.reading_history()
>>> next(rh)

This returns a tuple with information about the next work in your history

Looking up information about a work

Getting a work:

>>> work ='258626')

The id is the numeric portion of the URL. For example, the work ID of is 258626.

Get a URL:

>>> work.url

You can then look up a number of attributes, similar to the Stats panel at the top of a page. Here's the full set you can look up:

>>> work.title
'The Morning After'


>>> work.summary
"<p>Delicious just can't understand why it's the shy, quiet ones who get all the girls.</p>"

>>> work.rating
['Teen And Up Audiences']

>>> work.warnings

(An empty list is synonymous with "No Archive Warnings", so that it's a falsey value.)

>>> work.category

>>> work.fandoms
['Anthropomorfic - Fandom']

>>> work.relationship

>>> work.characters
['Pinboard', 'Delicious - Character', 'Diigo - Character']

>>> work.additional_tags
['crackfic', 'Meta', 'so very not my usual thing']

>>> work.language

>>> work.published, 9, 29)

>>> work.words

>>> work.comments

>>> work.kudos

>>> for name in work.kudos_left_by:
...     print(name)
# and so on

>>> work.bookmarks

>>> work.hits

There's also a method for dumping all the information about a work into JSON, for easy export/passing into other places:

>>> work.json()
'{"rating": ["Teen And Up Audiences"], "fandoms": ["Anthropomorfic - Fandom"], "characters": ["Pinboard", "Delicious - Character", "Diigo - Character"], "language": "English", "additional_tags": ["crackfic", "Meta", "so very not my usual thing"], "warnings": [], "id": "258626", "stats": {"hits": 43037, "words": 605, "bookmarks": 99, "comments": 122, "published": "2011-09-29", "kudos": 1238}, "author": "ambyr", "category": ["F/M"], "title": "The Morning After", "relationship": ["Pinboard/Fandom"], "summary": "<p>Delicious just can\'t understand why it\'s the shy, quiet ones who get all the girls.</p>"}'

Looking up your bookmarks

If you login as a user you can look up the bookmarks for that user. You can get the bookmarks as a list of AO3 id numbers or as a list of work objects.

Warning: This is very slow as as the api has to go back and retrieve every page.

Get the bookmarks as works:

>>> for bookmark in api.user.bookmarks():
...     print(bookmark.title)
'Story Name'
'Fanfiction Title'
'Read This Fic'
# and so on

Get the bookmarks as a list of id numbers:

>>> for bookmark_id in api.user.bookmarks_ids():
...     print(bookmark_id)
# and so on


The project is licensed under the MIT license.


A scripted Python interface to some of the data on AO3




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