SQL interface for Mongo queries, updates, and inserts. Makes MongoDB more user friendly.
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 * @version		$Id: mongosql.php 20806 2011-05-15 19:44:59Z drahmel $
 * @package		mongosql
 * @copyright	Copyright (C) 2011 Dan Rahmel All rights reserved.
 * @license		Apache license

Querying Mongo with JSON-based syntax is non-intuitive, difficult to type (requires many shift keys and non-standard {} characters), difficult to read, and requires a lot of practice. In contrast, SQL is much more English-like,  easily typed and easy to read. So why not put a SQL query front-end on Mongo and get the best of both worlds?
This is a very early attempt at that. It doesn't even have an actual parser -- it brute-forces the parsing with regular expressions and string operations. However, it is a step in the right direction. Perhaps someone with the extra time and skills can fork the project and add a proper parser. 
Currently it only does simple SELECT and INSERT statements. For example:
	$sql = "SELECT a,b from mytable where id = 10 ORDER BY id DESC";
	$mongoSelect = self::convertSelect($sql);


	db.mytable.find({ id:10 },{a:1,b:1}).sort({ id : -1 })

And this:
	$sqlInsert = "INSERT INTO mytable (id,a,b) VALUES (10,".rand(1,5).",".rand(10,100).")";
	$mongoInsert = self::convertInsert($sqlInsert);	

	db.mytable.insert({ id:10,a:2,b:54 })