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Asynchronous event tracking for Mixpanel using Celery
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Asynchronous event tracking for Mixpanel

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mixpanel-celery helps you use Celery to asynchronously track your Mixpanel events. Waiting on HTTP requests to Mixpanel's api to complete every time you want to record something slows you down. Using mixpanel-celery gives you all of the Mixpanel goodness without any of the potential performance impact.

Works wherever Celery works

mixpanel-celery works great with Django, but because Celery works with just python, so does mixpanel-celery.

But how do I do the thing?

I'll tell you how! Have Celery running and want to asynchronously track an event? Is your event called my_event? You're in luck!

from mixpanel.tasks import EventTracker

    {'distinct_id': 1},

Boom. Once your Celery worker gets hold of that bad boy, it's tracked.

Full-on Docs

Would you like to know more? Well then you should read the docs, citizen.


We love pull requests! Send us one, and you'll probably make Wes's day.

For details, check out the contribution tips documentation.

We like Mixpanel and Celery

This project isn't affiliated with the Mixpanel company. Just a customer's implementation of a client for their service.

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