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Added a deploy script to the policystat dev blog

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winhamwr committed Jan 31, 2012
1 parent 06e9cc6 commit 69906a979cff0a2e2de675afce0cbaa0aa8ad8e9
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+#! /usr/bin/env bash
+set -e;
+# Generate the static version
+showoff static;
+# Copy the static version to the blog repository
+cd static;
+# Delete the static directory
+cd ..;
+rm -r static;
+# Get the PDF version and put it in the blog respository
+curl http://localhost:9090/pdf -o $BLOG_PRESO_DIR/$PRESO_NAME/$PRESO_NAME.pdf;
+# Commit the update presentation to the blog respository
+git add .;
+git commit -m "Pulled in latest vesion of $PRESO_NAME slides";
+git push;

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