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  1. main.js: A NodeJS command line tool which takes a version of the WinJS.d.ts file as input and generates the public API surface it defines for WinJS.
  2. d.ts-verifier.js: A Javascript file which analyzes the output of the command line tool and compares it with the public API surface of a version of WinJS loaded in the DOM.


  • Build WinJS:

    Make sure you have built copy of the version of WinJS that you want to test against.

  • Install the dependencies:

    cd winjs/tools/d.ts-verifier 
    npm install
  • Create a bin folder, then run the command line tool program with a version of the WinJS TypeScript type definition file:

    mkdir bin
    node ./main.js /path/to/latest/winjs.d.ts /path/to/Built_Microsoft.WinJS_directory

    This will generate a model of the WinJS public API from the provided WinJS.d.ts file, and print a localhost url to the command line.

  • Analyze WinJS in the DOM and compare it to the model from WinJS.d.ts:

    open a web browser and navigate to the localhost url provided in the previous step. open the browser console to veiew the results. (You may need to refresh the page)


dts-verifier outputs an ERROR if a title cased Namespace or any of its properties is found to be included in WinJS or the WinJS.d.ts but not both. dts-verifier outputs an WARNING if a property in the namespace is found to be included in WinJS or the Winjs.d.ts but not both, AND neither the property in question nor its parent in the namespace are title cased.

When attempting to address errors reported by dts-verifier, keep in mind that the tool doesn't report on whether or not the missing API is static or an instance member, but you can always check the property on the WinJS Namespace itself in the browser to receive the verdict.



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