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Browser Support

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##WinJS Browser Support

WinJS actively tests against the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari for iOS (current)
  • Apple Safari for Mac (current)
  • Google Android OS Browser (current)
  • Google Chrome (current)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (10+)
  • Mozilla Firefox (current)

Issues or bugs found in these configurations will be triaged accordingly and fixed in subsequent releases. If contributing to the project, it is expected that pull requests are tested against the aforementioned list. Any new feature development can rely on standard native capabilities exposed across these configurations.

This does not mean that WinJS cannot be hosted in other configurations. There are large portions of WinJS that are written in pure JavaScript and for the most part will run in other environments.

If an issue is found in a configuration that is not defined in our support table, it is highly unlikely it will be fixed in a subsequent release. However, if you do find a bug, please submit an issue with your specific configuration. This can help the team understand the various ways WinJS is being used by the community and can give us feedback into planning subsequent releases.

As we move forward with WinJS, it is expected that more configurations will be added or tweaked.

To see the project's current progress visit the status page on

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