How to create a custom build of WinJS

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In order to build WinJS, ensure that you have [git]( and [Node.js]( installed.

Clone a copy of the master WinJS git repo:

git clone

Change to the `winjs` directory:

cd winjs

Optionally, choose a stable revision to build instead of the tip of master. See the [list of releases]( for other options.

git checkout v4.4.0

Install the [grunt command-line interface]( globally:

npm install -g grunt-cli

> Note: You may need to use sudo (for OSX, *nix, BSD etc) or run your command shell as Administrator (for Windows) to install Grunt globally.

Grunt dependencies are installed separately in each cloned git repo. Install the dependencies with:

npm install

Edit `src/js/base.js` and `src/js/ui.js` to include only the modules that you want. Note that `WinJS/Core/_WinJS` and `WinJS/Utilities` are required.

Run the following and the WinJS JavaScript and CSS files will be put in the `bin` directory:

grunt release

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