RaspberryPI CPU fan tuner with a s8050 Triode
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RaspberryPI CPU fan tuner with a s8050 triode.

This project enables a daemon which manage a CPU fan for you, it will start after system bootstrapping automatically.It enables CPU fan while its temperature is more than 45°(or defined by you), else the fan will be turned off.

You can also view your cpu temperature within this project or turn on/off a given GPIO port by simple commandline tool.

How to



  • A Fan that works under 5v Voltage
  • A NPN triode(such as s8050)


  • Python 2.6+
  • Raspbian(optional)

Hardware Setup

At first , follow the diagram below and connect your triode and fan together.

Your triode may be like this one:


The circuit diagram is like this one:


About Raspberry Pi PIN number

Use gpio readall to get map like following image.


Software Setup


Enter console of your Raspberry Pi then start with

git clone https://github.com/winkidney/PIFanTuner.git

Or just download the zip file zipped by Github.

Then enter the project directory:

sudo python setup.py install

Now use following command to run fan-control daemon:

➜  ~ pi-fan-tuner fan simple --debug
DEBUG:root:Temperature 45.084 CPU fan on.


With raspbian or any system works well with systemd, you can use systemd service script to make pi-fan-tuner a daemon which automatically manage your fan.

After installation of the python package, you could run


to setup the systemd script for pi-fan-tuner.


Monitoring CPU temperature

pi-fan-tuner cpu-show --loop

For other usage, please run:

pi-fan-tuner --help