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The docdash theme with a wink toolbar
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A clean, responsive documentation template theme for JSDoc 3.




See for a sample demo. 🚀


$ npm install docdash


Clone repository to your designated jsdoc template directory, then:

$ jsdoc entry-file.js -t path/to/docdash

Usage (npm)

In your projects package.json file add a new script:

"script": {
  "generate-docs": "node_modules/.bin/jsdoc -c jsdoc.json"

In your jsdoc.json file, add a template option.

"opts": {
  "template": "node_modules/docdash"

Sample jsdoc.json

See the config file for the fixtures or the sample below.

    "tags": {
        "allowUnknownTags": false
    "source": {
        "include": "../js",
        "includePattern": ".js$",
        "excludePattern": "(node_modules/|docs)"
    "plugins": [
    "opts": {
        "template": "assets/template/docdash/",
        "encoding": "utf8",
        "destination": "docs/",
        "recurse": true,
        "verbose": true
    "templates": {
        "cleverLinks": false,
        "monospaceLinks": false
  "opts": {
    "encoding": "utf8",
    "readme": "",
    "template": "../wink-docdash/",
    "destination": "docs",
    "tutorials": "tutorials"
  "plugins": ["plugins/markdown"],
  "docdash": {
    "meta": {
      "title": "wink-statistics - Wink JS"
                "class": "btn"
            "Demos": [
              {"One": {
              {"Two": {

Extra f


Docdash supports the following options:

    "docdash": {
        "static": [false|true],         // Display the static members inside the navbar
        "sort": [false|true],           // Sort the methods in the navbar
        "sectionOrder": [        // Order the main section in the navbar (default order shown here)
        "disqus": "",                   // Shortname for your disqus (subdomain during site creation)
        "openGraph": {                  // Open Graph options (mostly for Facebook and other sites to easily extract meta information)
            "title": "",                // Title of the website
            "type": "website",          // Type of the website
            "image": "",                // Main image/logo
            "site_name": "",            // Site name
            "url": ""                   // Main canonical URL for the main page of the site
        "meta": {                       // Meta information options (mostly for search engines that have not indexed your site yet)
            "title": "",                // Also will be used as postfix to actualy page title, prefixed with object/document name
            "description": "",          // Description of overal contents of your website
            "keyword": ""               // Keywords for search engines
        "search": [false|true],         // Display seach box above navigation which allows to search/filter navigation items
        "collapse": [false|true],       // Collapse navigation by default except current object's navigation of the current page
        "wrap": [false|true],           // Wrap long navigation names instead of trimming them
        "typedefs": [false|true],       // Include typedefs in menu
        "navLevel": [integer],          // depth level to show in navbar, starting at 0 (false or -1 to disable)
        "private": [false|true],        // set to false to not show @private in navbar
        "removeQuotes": [none|all|trim],// Remove single and double quotes, trim removes only surrounding ones
        "scripts": []                   // Array of external (or relative local copied using templates.default.staticFiles.include) js or css files to inject into HTML,
        "menu":{                        // Adding additional menu items after Home
            "Project Website":{         // Menu item name
                "href":"", //the rest of HTML properties to add to manu item

Place them anywhere inside your jsdoc.json file.


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Thanks to lodash and minami.


Licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. (see Apache-2.0).

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