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1 parent b9c1178 commit fedb6badd78ce8b221055703045fd4c30d50f462 @winks committed Jun 20, 2012
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@@ -94,6 +94,22 @@
(defmulti ^:private xml-tags
(fn [tag value] (keyword "leiningen.pom" (name tag))))
+(defn- guess-scm [project]
+ "Returns the name of the SCM used in project.clj or \"auto\" if nonexistant.
+ Example: :scm {:name \"git\" :tag \"deadbeef\"}"
+ (or (-> project :scm :name) "auto"))
+(defn- xmlify [scm]
+ "Converts the map identified by :scm"
+ (map #(xml-tags (first %) (second %)) scm))
+(defn- write-scm-tag [scm project]
+ "Write the <scm> tag for pom.xml.
+ Retains backwards compatibility without an :scm map."
+ (if
+ (= "auto" scm)
+ (make-git-scm (io/file (:root project) ".git"))
+ (xml-tags :scm (xmlify (:scm project)))))
(defmethod xml-tags :default
([tag value]
(when value
@@ -276,7 +292,7 @@
(xml-tags :url (:url project))
(xml-tags :license (:license project))
(xml-tags :mailing-list (:mailing-list project))
- (make-git-scm (io/file (:root project) ".git"))
+ (write-scm-tag (guess-scm project) project)
(xml-tags :build [project test-project])
(xml-tags :repositories (:repositories project))
(xml-tags :dependencies

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