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Open the current web stream with mpv.
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Watch with MPV is a Chrome extension that allows you to open your current tab in MPV, assuming you have it installed. This extension works with every URL that is supported by youtube-dl.


The below prerequisites are required to be in your system's PATH environment variable. The version requirements are important if you wish to watch paywalled/private videos.

  • mpv >= 0.27.0
  • youtube-dl >= 2017.08.06

Google Chrome or Chromium are both supported and are required for the native host to function, but the native host can be installed without either browser being installed.


This Chrome extension makes use of a native host in order to work properly. This is because of Chrome's extension restrictions. Without the native host, the extension is unable to run MPV from the browser instance.

Be sure you have the Chrome extension installed before you continue.


  1. Download the latest Windows release.
  2. Unzip the archive into the directory of your choice.
  3. Run install.bat as administrator.

Do not remove the extracted directory after you have followed these steps. If you wish to move or uninstall the native host, run uninstall.bat first. Then you may do as you like with the directory.


Arch Linux

Install watch-with-mpv or watch-with-mpv-git from the AUR.

Other Linux

Run the following commands in the terminal of your choice. Requires curl, unzip, and make to be installed.

$ curl -L -O
$ unzip -d native-linux && cd native-linux
$ sudo make install


Just click on the MPV icon in the top right Chrome toolbar when you're on a playable webpage. Examples include YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, a raw video file, even naughty websites! For a full list of supported URLs, visit youtube-dl's documentation.


To install the development version, run the following commands. Running the development version requires node.js, npm, and git to be installed.

$ git clone
$ cd watch-with-mpv/native
$ npm install

The extension's source files are located in extension/, and the native host's source files are located in native/. These two directories are independent of each other.

To load the extension into Chrome, go to chrome://extensions and click Load unpacked extension. Then select the extension/ directory.

To install the native host, run the following commands according to your platform. You will need to re-install the native host each time you edit its files.


> cd native/build/win
> npm run build
> install.bat


$ cd native/build/linux
$ npm run build
$ sudo make install
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