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WinNFSd is a Network File System V3 (NFS) server for Windows.

You can use any NFS client to mount a directory of Windows and read/write files via NFS v3 protocol. It is useful when you usually access files of Windows on Linux and for especially for virtual machines, since it is much faster than shared folders.

You can also export any folder with an additional alias.

The export of multiple folders is also possible. Just put the shared foldes and an optional alias into a simple text file:

C:\path\to\a\mount > /alias
C:\path\to\another\mount > /another-alias

Then start winnfsd.exe like this: WinNFSd.exe -pathFile C:\path\to\your\pathfile


WinNFSd 2.2.0
Network File System server for Windows
Copyright (C) 2005 Ming-Yang Kao
Edited in 2011 by ZeWaren
Edited in 2013 by Alexander Schneider (Jankowfsky AG)
Edited in 2014 2015 by Yann Schepens
Edited in 2016 by Peter Philipp (Cando Image GmbH), Marc Harding

Usage: WinNFSd.exe [-id <uid> <gid>] [-log on | off] [-pathFile <file>] [-addr <ip>] [export path] [alias path]

At least a file or a path is needed
For example:
On Windows> WinNFSd.exe d:\work
On Linux> mount -t nfs mount

For another example:
On Windows> WinNFSd.exe d:\work /exports
On Linux> mount -t nfs

Another example where WinNFSd is only bound to a specific interface:
On Windows> WinNFSd.exe -addr d:\work /exports
On Linux> mount - t nfs / exports

Use "." to export the current directory (works also for -filePath):
On Windows> WinNFSd.exe . /exports