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Silly Paste


Yet another Django pastebin. Written for a lab and later improved for casual use.

See example instance here.

See the supplemental developer notes (todo etc).


  • Upload text with a title. Users can modify and delete their content.
  • Compatibility with text-mode browsers
  • Syntax highlighting
  • User accounts
  • Anonymous accounts can delete/update their own pastes
  • A RESTful API
  • Management via Django Admin
  • Paste expiration via cron job
  • Basic search support (See the "All Pastes" page)
  • HTML Rendering of Markdown and Org Mode documents.
  • Healthchecks

Health checks

Provided by django-watchman. See the following URLs:

Path Description
/health/ JSON endpoint
/health/ping/ Get a 200 OK and simple response
/health/dashboard/ Human readable dashboard


Running Sillypaste

Run with Docker

docker-compose up

The database will be a Postgresql database with a named volume that is not mapped into the host filesystem.

Run In place

Code hot-reloading doesn't work in Docker. You can run sillypaste in place via:

poetry run python -m sillypaste prepare &&
    poetry run python -m sillypaste runserver

It will use a db.sqlite3 in the project directory. You can change this by setting up DATABASE_URL (see possible forms here).


Unlicense. See LICENSE.