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winny Portage Overlay

Just some ebuilds that aren’t working elsewhere, or are not available elsewhere. Expect little to no testing.

End of Life!

This project is unmaintained and may disappear at any time. If you want to use ebuilds in this repository, please copy them to your own overlay.

Fequently Questioned Answers (FQA)

How to use an overlay with “little to no testing”?

After adding the overlay you should mask all ebuilds, and only unmask what you intend on using. I personally use this technique for all unofficial overlays.





Alternative: emerge -a category/name by default will ask if you would like to unmask all necessary package atoms to install category/name. Use dispatch-conf as usual ;). You may want to edit the resulting unmasks to not specify package atom versions.

Why is app-emulation/spim masked? Why subversion?

According to the ebuild writing documentation on subversion sources:

Note: Subversion ebuilds must be either with empty KEYWORDS or package.masked (but not both). Empty KEYWORDS are strongly preferred. This applies to “live” ebuilds (-9999) and to ebuilds that extract a static revision but still use Subversion for fetching.

As the above suggests, you will need to add something like ~app-emulation/spim-9.1.21_p729 ** to your package.accept_keywords.

Subversion is used because upstream does not offer source tarballs, though upstream offers prebuilt packages for Debian x86, Debian amd64, Mac OS X, and Windows. This means the ebuild must use Subversion — it’s not ideal, but I can work with that.

A related point of contention is how upstream uses Subversion: Tags — the standard way to mark versions in a Subversion repository — are not utilized; instead one must grep through the commit history looking for text that looks like a version number, and manually check if that commit (a) corresponds to that release, (b) references a different release, or (c) simply isn’t a reference to a release.

Some ebuilds in this overlay

Chat client for Twitch.

One of the best fonts for programming.

Simple gopher client.

Banish the mouse when not in use.

I’m a big fan of Racket, so I always want the latest release.

A faithful Quake I client best for single player and mods.

Marathon, Marathon 2 (Durandal), and Marathon Infinity. Classic first person shooters.

And many more…

Ebuilds will be removed from tree as I get stuff merged back into the original ebuild repositories.


  • [ ] Install x11-wm/stumpwm-contrib’s stumpish script to /usr/bin. Control with useflag?
  • [ ] Add missing metadata.xml files
  • [ ] Add streamlined way to test every ebuild installs cleanly. If possible add to CI/CD


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