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winny's Portage overlay (for Gentoo)
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app-text/urlview app-text/urlview: bump to patchlevel 21 and fix linking bug, rm old Jul 30, 2019
dev-games/libtcod dev-games/libtcod-1.5.1 Aug 7, 2019
dev-lang/smlnj dev-lang/smlnj - fix ebuild bug Nov 4, 2018
eclass Import eclass/ from abendbrot Jan 28, 2019
games-emulation/retroarch Bump 1.6.7 & add patch from retroarch git Jan 28, 2019
games-roguelike/brogue games-roguelike/brogue metadata.xml Aug 14, 2019
games-util/eureka Remove old games-util/eureka 124 (no revision) Jul 31, 2019
licenses add net-im/ripcord Jul 3, 2019
media-sound/mpvc Add missing metadata.xml's closing #1 Jul 31, 2019
metadata Initial check-in Nov 4, 2018
net-im net-im/ripcord-bin-0.4.13 Aug 23, 2019
net-misc/sacc net-misc/sacc Fix link bug, set tmpdir at runtime Aug 2, 2019
profiles Fix overlay name Nov 4, 2018
sys-apps/winny-gentoo-tools Replace leading spaces with tabs Jul 31, 2019
x11-misc/xbanish Replace leading spaces with tabs Jul 31, 2019
.editorconfig Add suitable editorconfig Jul 31, 2019
.travis.yml Add .travis.yml Aug 10, 2019 Another typo Aug 8, 2019
overlay.xml Initial check-in Nov 4, 2018

winny Portage Overlay

Just some ebuilds that aren’t working elsewhere, or are not available elsewhere. Expect little to no testing.

Add with:

layman -a winny

How to use an overlay with “little to no testing”?

After adding the overlay with layman -a winny you should mask all ebuilds, and only unmask what you intend on using. I personally use this technique for all unofficial overlays.





Alternative: emerge -a category/name by default will ask if you would like to unmask all necessary package atoms to install category/name. Use dispatch-conf as usual ;). You may want to edit the resulting unmasks to not specify package atom versions.

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