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A set of useful functions to use communications abilities of the WiNos boards.

General functions

Initialisation of the object SimpleWiNo :

void init();

MAC and PHY engines :

void process();

Write a property :

void set(uint8_t param, uint16_t value);

Read a property :

uint16_t get(uint8_t param);

List of main properties usable :

  • NODE_SHORT_ADDRESS : WiNo address (16 bits,0xFFFF for broadcast)
  • NODE_PANID : WinNo's cluster's address (16 bits)
  • NODE_TXPOWER : Tx power (3 bits, 0-7)
  • NODE_CHANNEL : channel (frequency to be used (0-17))
  • PHY_DEBUG : activate/deactivate verbosity for PHY layer
  • MAC_DEBUG : activate/deactivate verbosity for MAC layer

Let's communicate !

Ask MAC layer to send a data packet (N-PDU) with :

  • payload : packet itself as an octets table
  • len : payload length
  • destAddress : recipient address
void send(uint16_t destAddress, uint8_t* payload, uint8_t len);

Test and receive packets arrived on the MAC layer

  • payload : packet itself as an octets table
  • len : pointer to packet length
  • sourceAddress : pointer to source address
  • return 1 if a packet has been received, 0 else
uint8_t recv(uint16_t* sourceAddress, uint8_t* payload, uint8_t* len);

Going deeper : create and read messages

Obtain an unisgned 16 bits integer from an octet table :

uint16_t decodeUi16 ( uint8_t *data );

Write an unsigned 16 bits integer in an octet table :

void encodeUi16 ( uint16_t from, uint8_t *to );

Obtain an unsigned 32 bits integer from an octet table :

uint32_t decodeUi32 ( uint8_t *data );

Write an unsigned 32 bits integer in an octet table :

void encodeUi32 ( uint32_t from, uint8_t *to );

Obtain a float from a table :

float decodeFloat ( uint8_t *data );

Write a float to a table :

void encodeFloat ( float from, uint8_t *to );