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History of changes for WinPython-64bit

The following changes were made to WinPython-64bit distribution since version

Python packages

Upgraded packages:

  • msvc_runtime 14.27.29016.1 → 14.28.29325 (Install the Microsoft™ Visual C++™ runtime DLLs to the sys.prefix and Scripts directories)

  • pip 20.2.4 → 20.3.3 (The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages.)

  • Python 3.9.0 → 3.9.1 (Python programming language with standard library)

  • setuptools 50.3.2 → 51.1.0 (Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages)

  • wheel 0.35.1 → 0.36.2 (A built-package format for Python)

  • winpython 3.0.20201028 → 3.0.202011219 (WinPython distribution tools, including WPPM)