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WinPython 2020-02 of May 30th 2020

@stonebig stonebig released this
· 236 commits to master since this release
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Changes from WinPython 2020-01:

  • Infrastructure:
    • on wppm, packages labels, when not present in internal databases packages.ini ,are taken in summary information of the installed package,
      • automatic update of missing entries in packages.ini during build
      • missing dll 'vcruntime140_1.dll' is now included (on 64 bit)
    • python-3.8.3 final,
    • WARNING for WinPython-3.8 and later:
      • since Python-3.8.2, the default settings is no more looked in "%HOME%" but in "%USERPROFILE%"
      • that is disrupting the old way of WinPython to keep users things in a directory.
      • in comments in "env.bat", a fix "set USERPROFILE=%HOME%" is created to keep user settings in winpython directory for Python-3.8.2+ and Python-3.9:
        • it's due to the above change in cpython-3.8.2+,
        • effect is a way too big to put it by default, but it's also possible via script "make_working_directory_and_userprofile_be_winpython.bat"
  • New Packages:
    • botorch, virtualenv, flask-session, flask-SQLalchemy
    • Trio as TaskGroups/Nurseries won't be in standard before Python-3.10. progress must go on.
    • on Python-3.8 : geoviews , cartopy , rpy2 (dev) , tensorflow-cpu
  • Upgraded Packages:
    • Jupyterlab-2.1.2, Qt-5.14.2, python-vscode-2020.5.80290 (bug... it now requires a .py file to have been opened and ran before a .ipynb is open with ipywidgets working)
    • tensorflow-cpu-2.2.0 final, Cartopy-0.18.0 final
    • pyarrow-0.17.1, papermill-2.1.1, bokeh-2.0.2,
    • jupyterlab-2.1.1, pytorch-1.5.0,
    • rpy2-3.4.0.dev0, Cartopy-0.18.0,
    • scikit_learn-0.23.1, scikit_image-0.17.2
    • Spyder-4.1.3 with un-supported-yet Jedi-0.17.0
  • variation per version:
    • Tensorflow and Pytorch not in "cod" branch
    • portable VSCode in "cod" branch only. (but you can copy the "\t\cod" directory from one to the other)
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fb9550ee520688bbe8c559d3a17641ac 0f24ebd349abe4a927601aed5085bc1ef29bc5d7 3a19dc2afcfb5e9ed1f6b6c863ce01f62fab26214e79cdd11d01077a4d058949 Winpython64- 23 261 081 Bytes
066085dede3b0797c4b6f9412c596905 1b5a0f0720faf979f2568265e4cdb11558321374 6aa39bf8792a2853b245418085618e035ac4c290e20823bc3d678c4bd87defc9 Winpython32- 22 254 422 Bytes
fe02b8ce4f614e4523afe2242c567feb 4b443ecef9c4ef457d11900f90074da6f6056dbf 6f10ce63a2043c86d08264cdfdcb5fa8dad498d546765df1c392839ecc89bbdf Winpython64- 24 135 998 Bytes
43cb7be6ca370880df2363e354df3e52 c45540722d62236b292e96c21588386c74100d20 9fcaba999cef828afa82f2b25fac5f198170134480a656796c86752ab57a6b3f Winpython32- 23 108 507 Bytes
474a18ef346f6cda4bd6f2c177b2e92c d14b5f498123c7661dcd517e2806ddd6a3022786 9fdc53fdb468c9c5837eb7513cbee3efcb7d791b9744ffee10370556087af05c Winpython64- 736 749 968 Bytes
077ac421e193f643f4154bee96e78711 435dbb4f8ef95bc2e10548c129123ace2ea4691d cdf73828d7fbf6fa8717fd5b9e7126fb10fb7c4a6e1783814f63390bdca96a0c Winpython64- 728 591 527 Bytes
4e7b04514d6f20ddfe8474aa0715c2f8 c990b3852e824a966fd99ccd831b83026c7aabdd 8a7a16d4337cdc2533eea2e1f9b922d4f1263a907889f7e615e33bcf252aae30 Winpython64- 666 455 987 Bytes
3094ac83518fcf037f29f6199b801e6e 91cc5c5888ba2ecf7fc1cb014a63224dc5a47360 f3870e8570b5f3e31821756089af1237859a6db8a971c1fea14a560d4c85a314 Winpython64- 658 361 818 Bytes