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Current roadmap


  • every 6 to 13 weeks (see Milestones)
  • direction followed :
    • Education: IDE, SQL tools, notebook tutorials, graphics and interactivity, Operations Research
    • Data Science: Pandas, StatsModels, SQL, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Web Scraping, SpreadSheets
    • Open Science: Jupyter/Ipython, the Browser to do and share everything, containers

Plan to keep alive and improving Winpython

  • simplicity:
    • examples and tutorials in "Notebook" format,
    • complete out-of-the-box,
    • promote and use the 'standard' python packaging tools.
  • flexibility:
    • easy to tweak in a "portable" way (zip and distribute your "mod" Winpython),
    • several official versions, to match different user needs,
    • buildable in the Cloud
  • fun:
    • make "I built my own Winpython !" a simpler experience for advanced users,
    • make contributing to Winpython easier:code & tutorials via github, google group and stackoverflow for answers, ...

Historical Roadmap is here