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Key features

WinPython is a portable distribution of Python. In other words, even if it provides a working Python environment, WinPython does not install Python on your machine. As a consequence, it's not possible to install packages using standard Python installers (these installers will look for Python in Windows registry and won't find it).

That's why I wrote the WinPython Package Manager (WPPM), a Python program handling package managing tasks (install, uninstall or upgrade packages) for a portable Python distribution.

WPPM currently supports the following Python package formats:

  • Standard executable installers: distutils wininst (installer filename has the form: foo-1.0.win32-py2.7.exe)
  • Standard source distributions[1]: distutils sdist (archive filename has the form: foo-1.0.tar.gz) -- but only for pure-Python packages

[1] This feature was implemented in WPPM v0.2dev included in WinPython v2.7.3.0beta3

Get Python packages

The main website for finding and downloading Python packages is obviously PyPI , the Python Package Index.

Please note that Christoph Gohlke's Unofficial Windows Binaries for Python Extension Packages provides tons of ready-to-install distutils packages. WPPM GUI frontend

WPPM has a GUI frontend which is known as the WinPython Control Panel.

Old wiki page: http://sourceforge.net/p/winpython/wiki/WPPM/