G2 Loggly support only #28

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None yet

indexzero commented Oct 8, 2013

Will be v1.0.0

cc/ @dtudury @ltudury

Awesome work, looking forward to this one 👍

When can we expect this to drop?

Need any help with this? I just got upgraded and am looking to use this as soon as possible.


jcrugzz commented Oct 17, 2013

@joeybaker @keithamus @ronkorving Hey guys, I'd encourage all of you guys to just give it a try npm install "git://github.com/nodejitsu/node-loggly.git#v1.0.0-dev" and report back with what you find :).

@jcrugzz Cool, so things should be working? I was not able to get logs to propagate to loggly but all I did saw install winston-loggly#1.0.0-dev into a current project and pray. :) Zero debuggin' on my part, I just figured things were in a known broken state still… apparently not though?


jcrugzz commented Oct 17, 2013

@joeybaker I haven't been able to test it at all personally, this PR is essentially up for review. There may be some minor bugs but it should be in a reasonable state.

this PR is essentially up for review

How can I help? Is there a roadmap for the v1 release?

+1 for someone patiently waiting on this. We can't upgrade to Gen 2 until we have this in place. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Just as a quick fix, you can actually do the following to replace the URL to Loggly, where you instantiate your config:

var client = loggly.createClient({
    subdomain: 'mydomain',
    auth: null,
    json: true,
Object.defineProperty(client.config, 'inputUrl', {
    value: 'https://logs-01.loggly.com/inputs/',
    enumerable: true,
    configurable: true,

If you're using winston-loggly, this just extends to:

var loggly = new (winston.transports.Loggly)({
    inputToken: 'mytoken',
    subdomain: 'mydomain',
    json: true,
Object.defineProperty(loggly.client.config, 'inputUrl', {
    value: 'https://logs-01.loggly.com/inputs/',
    enumerable: true,
    configurable: true,

Also you can cheat with the input token by doing inputToken += '/tags/foo,bar' to tag all logs with foo and bar

indexzero referenced this pull request Oct 29, 2013


403 Forbidden #29

👍 adding myself to the list of folks hoping this'll drop soon 😺

aj0strow commented Nov 2, 2013

@keithamus thank you!

arsnl commented Nov 5, 2013

Thanks @keithamus ! Nice quick fix until the new release :)

+1. Waiting for the release

Thanks a lot!

jcrugzz merged commit bc564fe into master Dec 2, 2013

jcrugzz deleted the v1.0.0-dev branch Dec 2, 2013


Thanks mate.

Works great, Thanks !!


jcrugzz commented Apr 13, 2014

@circuitbomb this is supported in 1.0.x ;).

Yea, looking at winston-loggly's dep. it's using 1.0.x but for some reason it still wasn't pushing my logs there until i included @keithamus tempfix, so in that regard it's either winston-loggly or the way I'm implementing the transport in my app.

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