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A Riak transport for winston.


Installing npm (node package manager)

  curl | sh

Installing winston-riak

  [sudo] npm install winston-riak


tldr;?: To break the winston codebase into small modules that work together.

The winston codebase has been growing significantly with contributions and other logging transports. This is awesome. However, taking a ton of additional dependencies just to do something simple like logging to the Console and a File is overkill.


  var Riak = require('winston-riak').Riak;
  winston.add(Riak, options);

In addition to the options accepted by the riak-js client, the Riak transport also accepts the following options. It is worth noting that the riak-js debug option is set to false by default:

  • level: Level of messages that this transport should log.
  • bucket: The name of the Riak bucket you wish your logs to be in or a function to generate bucket names dynamically.
  // Use a single bucket for all your logs
  var singleBucketTransport = new (Riak)({ bucket: 'some-logs-go-here' });

  // Generate a dynamic bucket based on the date and level
  var dynamicBucketTransport = new (Riak)({
    bucket: function (level, msg, meta, now) {
      var d = new Date(now);
      return level + [d.getDate(), d.getMonth(), d.getFullYear()].join('-');

Metadata: Logged as JSON literal in Riak

Author: Charlie Robbins

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