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TL;DR? The winston project recently shipped 3.0.0 out of RC and is actively working towards the next feature release as it continues to triage issues.

Looking for somewhere to help? Checkout the Roadmap & help triage open issues! Find an issue that looks like a duplicate? It probably is! Comment on it so we know it's maybe a duplicate 🙏.

What makes up winston?

As of winston@3 the project has been broken out into a few modules:

Let's dig in deeper. The example below has been annotated to demonstrate the different packages that compose the example itself:

const { createLogger, transports, format } = require('winston');
const Transport = require('winston-transport');
const logform = require('logform');
const { combine, timestamp, label, printf } = logform.format;

// winston.format is require('logform')
console.log(logform.format === format) // true

const logger = createLogger({
  format: combine(
    label({ label: 'right meow!' }),
    printf(({ level, message, label, timestamp }) => {
      return `${timestamp} [${label}] ${level}: ${message}`;
  transports: [new transports.Console()]

What about winston@2.x?!

If you are opening an issue regarding the 2.x release-line please know that 2.x work has ceased. The winston team will review PRs that fix issues, but as issues are opened we will close them.

You will commonly see this closing winston@2.x issues:

Development `winston@2.x` has ceased. Please consider upgrading to
`winston@3.0.0`. If you feel strongly about this bug please open a PR against
the `2.x` branch. Thank you for using `winston`!

Could this be implemented as a format?

Before opening issues for new features consider if this feature could be implemented as a custom format. If it is, you will see your issue closed with this message:

This can be accomplished with using [custom formats]( in `winston@3.0.0`. Please consider upgrading.


Below is the list of items that make up the roadmap through 3.4.0. We are actively triaging the open issues, so it is likely a few more critical path items will be added to this list before the next release goes out.


  • Unstarted work.
  • Finished work.
  • [-] Partially finished or in-progress work.

Version 3.3.0

High priority issues (non-blocking)

  • Move File transport into winston-file.
  • Browser support
    • Unit tests for webpack & rollup
    • Replicate browser-only transpilation for winston, winston-transport, triple-beam.
  • [-] Full JSDoc coverage
  • Benchmarking for File and Stream transports:
  • Move logged event into winston-transport to remove need for it in each individual Transport written or remove the logged event entirely.

Increased code & scenario coverage

  • [-] Replace all vows-based tests.
    • [-] test/transports/*-test.js
  • Code coverage tests above 80% for winston (currently ~70%).
    • [-] Core scenarios covered in abstract-winston-transport.
    • [-] Full integration tests for all logform transports

Communications / Compatibility

  • for winston-compat.
  • Update all transports documented in docs/ for winston@3.

Version 3.4.0

Querying, Streaming, Uncaught Exceptions

  • [-] Streaming

Communications / Compatibility

  • documentation site.

Version 3.5.0

Querying, Streaming, Uncaught Exceptions

  • [-] Querying