Syslog levels regression #249

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The last commit on the syslog levels reversed the order which breaks how Winston limits log severity. Winston tracks more verbose as being a smaller value normally, and depends on this. Swapping so that debug is a higher value means that debug level is always logged and critical or errors are not logged if you were to set the log level to "info" for example.


The syslog-commit has the wrong semantic. It disabled our logging. Together with node 0.10-issues it was complicate to debug. Because of the wrong npm-levels (which would be corrected) I think many people use

Icelle commented May 28, 2013

+1. This is very confusing now.

+1 on needing a way around this. Setting log level to 'info' usually means you want info, notice, warning ... Now Winston will give you info and debug but not the rest.

+1. Working around this by setting log level to 'emerg'.

@airandfingers By setting log level to emerg, you get all log messages to be sent to syslog, right?

benfleis commented Mar 3, 2014

+1 on reversing the order.

I just wasted too much time tracking this down :/


indexzero commented Oct 7, 2014

This absolutely a regression. There is a larger discussion of how we will fix this in #406. Closing this as a duplicate.

indexzero closed this Oct 7, 2014

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