100% CPU when trying to log a buffer #364

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I just spent around 8h on debugging my app to find out why it seemingly randomly consumed 100% cpu. I couldn't find anything in my logs because winston itself was the problem. When trying to log a buffer (I tried via File and Console transport) the CPU goes to 100% and stays there.
Can you confirm this?

ddasilva commented Mar 2, 2014

Can you paste the offending code and version of winston? Are you running Linux, OS X, Windows?

@soupdiver @meltingwax I just had the exact same issue. Using toString() on the Buffer instance I was trying to log fixed it. I'll see if I can find some time to create a nice small and self-contained repo that reproduces this issue.

I just tried to create a test/demo for this issue but I don't have 100% CPU anymore. Is it already fixed? Otherwise I will try to reproduce it in the environment I used before and not in an empty project.

@soupdiver @meltingwax I finally had some time to try to reproduce this issue. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the original code that had the issue and I didn't manage to find a repro.

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