ability to pass the 'stringify' option to common.log #74

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JoeZ99 commented Dec 6, 2011

file.js, L92-99

File.prototype.log = function (level, msg, meta, callback) {
  if (this.silent) {
    return callback(null, true);

  var self = this, output = common.log({
    level:     level,
    message:   msg,
    meta:      meta,
    json:      this.json,
    colorize:  this.colorize,
    timestamp: this.timestamp
  }) + '\n';

common.js, L102-120

exports.log = function (options) {
  var timestampFn = typeof options.timestamp === 'function' ? options.timestamp : exports.timestamp,
      timestamp   = options.timestamp ? timestampFn() : null,
      meta        = options.meta ? exports.clone(options.meta) : null,

  if (options.json) {
    output         = meta || {};
    output.level   = options.level;
    output.message = options.message;

    if (timestamp) {
      output.timestamp = timestamp;

    return typeof options.stringify === 'function' 
      ? options.stringify(output)
      : JSON.stringify(output);

common.log() expects -among others- the 'stringify' option to be a function to be called when outputting the log msg.

Since common.log() is called with fixed options from within file.js (or console.js), that 'stringify' feature can not be used, and instead the log format is always JSON.stringify({level:'info', msg: 'log message'})

Since common.log already have that option, it could be passed to it through the options passed along when adding the transport.

JoeZ99 commented Dec 15, 2011

It's a very simple enhancement, and it fits perfectly in the current code. I would be more than happy to make the pull request.


indexzero commented Jan 18, 2012

@JoeZ99 Sorry. This fell through the cracks over the holidays. Yes. Please open up a pull-request @mnutt was asking for this feature last week.

indexzero closed this in 3824637 Jul 8, 2012

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Add support for Winston 'stringify' option #8280

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