[Question] How to adjust time in logs? #75

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It seems that all logs have a timestamp that is one hour late from my location.
Is it possible to modify the time zone?


coderarity commented Apr 28, 2012

Not yet, but I'll mark this as a feature request.

I'd also love this feature!

A better title for this issue would be: "How to use timezone in logs?" or "[Feature] Add timezone support".

I agree that this would be a nice feature. In the meantime you can just define your log with a custom timestamp function and use something like toLocaleTimeString().

dscape added the 1 - Ready label Dec 9, 2014

indexzero removed the 1 - Ready label Mar 17, 2015

JHereu commented Apr 28, 2015

Feature still not added? It'd be awesome.


indexzero commented Oct 29, 2015

You have been able to do this for sometime with a rewriter: https://github.com/winstonjs/winston#filters-and-rewriters

indexzero closed this Oct 29, 2015

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