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fixtures Fix colorize not working in non-TTY environments Nov 18, 2015
stress [test] Add failing stress test for #288. Nov 4, 2014
transports [fix refactor test] Rename `endOfLine` to `eol` in `Console` transpor… Oct 29, 2015
cli-test.js [test] Add failing test for fix proposed in #365. Oct 6, 2014
colorize-test.js Fix colorize not working in non-TTY environments Nov 18, 2015
container-test.js [breaking] Removed `winston.transports.Webhook`. Oct 29, 2015
custom-formatter-test.js Custom log formatter functionality were added. Jan 27, 2015
custom-pretty-print-test.js Adding custom pretty print function test. Jan 25, 2015
custom-timestamp-test.js [fix test] Fix broken test assertion from 8ddbcff Jul 8, 2012
exception-test.js [test] Test that exception contains correct date info May 24, 2012
helpers.js [refactor breaking] Remove `DailyRotateFile` from `winston` core into… Oct 29, 2015
humanReadableUnhandledException-test.js Fix rendering of stack traces Apr 7, 2015
log-exception-test.js [fix test] Added failing tests for #396. Oct 6, 2014
log-filter-test.js [breaking] Change the method signature to a `filter` function to be c… Oct 29, 2015
log-rewriter-test.js [breaking refactor doc] Remove useless methods for `.addRewriter` and… Oct 29, 2015
logger-levels-test.js Addressing PR feedback. Dec 23, 2014
logger-test.js Fix case with %% where %j would not be interpolated Mar 24, 2016
winston-test.js [breaking] Removed `Logger.prototype.extend` functionality (more main… Oct 29, 2015