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.NET version of the MisaMino bot (via DLL Importing)
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.NET version of the MisaMino bot (via DLL Importing).

MisaMino is located in the tetris_ai directory.

MisaMino Commands

  • settings
    • level (int 0 to 10)
    • style (int 1 = t-spin+, 2 = t-spin, 3 = ren, 4 = no hold, 5 = 4-wide, 6 = downstack)
  • update
    • next_pieces (string comma-separated I,T,L,J,Z,S,O)
    • combo (int)
    • field (array of int comma-separated 0 = empty, 2 = filled)
    • this_piece_type (string I,T,L,J,Z,S,O)
    • inAtt (int)
    • round (int, 1 = reset bot)
  • action (process info and returns move)


  1. Number of cleared lines, -1 if no moves were found
  2. >1 if spins were used to clear the lines
  3. Game field after line clears
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