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A simple c++ text based game
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A simple c++ text based game

Built Release (May need to instal c++ libraries):

Simple Text Game is a simple, infinite, open world, top-down, text-based game. This was a 1 month project, completed in October 2017, to help familiarize myself with C++.

The first 14 days were spent on getting the basics of the tile engine to work properly, including actually getting output at all, storing data properly, etc. The next 2 days were spent on setting up hashing for the data storage (16x16 tiles are stored in a Chunk, all the chunks are stored in the hash). 2 more days were spent on getting the draw function to properly read from the hash map (stitching the chunks together). Days 19-24 were spent on making tiles generate randomly using a perlin noise function. Days 25-30 were spent on implementing enemies.

I learned a lot during the development of this game. In addition to just learning the syntax of C++, I learned a lot more about pointers, which don't really exist in Java. I also learned more about vectors, which exist in Java, however I have not used them much before. I would have liked to continue developing this game, however due to the flickering caused by the console, I decided it was not worth it to do another month.

textgame_2017-11-21_16-27-05 textgame_2017-11-21_16-28-24 textgame_2017-11-21_16-28-54 textgame_2017-11-21_16-31-36 textgame_2017-11-21_16-32-51 textgame_2017-11-21_16-33-12 textgame_2017-11-21_16-34-28

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