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summative game for grade 11 java programming
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This game was my summative project for grade 11 programming, written in Java.

All the buttons/lables/menus were coded by me, for fun, instead of using libraries. No download sadly, since this was programmed using applets. Applets were meant to be embedded into web browsers, however they are no longer supported by most browsers.

javaw_2017-11-25_11-31-14 javaw_2017-11-25_11-31-56 javaw_2017-11-25_11-32-08 javaw_2017-11-25_11-43-18 javaw_2017-11-25_11-43-49 javaw_2017-11-25_11-44-23 javaw_2017-11-25_11-46-20 javaw_2017-11-25_11-46-28

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