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Chaya is a fully functional HTML5 Web Chat written in Javascript, utilizing Node.js, and jQuery.

It's tested in current Webkit (Chrome, Safari) and Firefox desktop browsers. No IE here, sorry guys! ;)

Try it now!

A Chaya instance is hosted on Heroku.

Feel free to join, you're welcome! :)

Host your own chat

It's quite simple and totally free:

  • Fork Chaya
  • Install Node.js and NPM
  • Install Heroku Toolbelt
  • Push your chaya fork to another heroku project
  • Have a blast!


  • add persistence for latest chat messages
  • add avatar images, e.g. from twitter or gravatar
  • filter markup syntax, prevent XSS =)
  • add other cool stuff


Chaya is published under MIT license. Feel free to fork and modify by your needs.