Teamcity Reporter for Jest Unittest Results
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Integrate Jest test results into your Teamcity CI builds





This package will report your JavaScript Jest test results to your Teamcity CI server, so you can see the number of executed tests, test failures and the tests tab right from your Teamcity UI.

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First, install the package from NPM: npm install --save-dev jest-teamcity-reporter

The reporter integrates with Jest in form of a testResultsProcessor. Put this into your projects package.json:

"jest": {
    "testResultsProcessor": "jest-teamcity-reporter"

Since you only want the reporter to work on your Teamcity server and not locally, pass the following option when running Jest from Teamcity:

jest --teamcity

E.g. you can add those scripts to your projects package.json:

"scripts": {
    "test": "jest",
    "test:teamcity": "jest --teamcity"

Then, in Teamcity create a new Command Line Build Step and run the following command:

npm run test:teamcity

Use the command npm test on your local machine and Teamcity reporting will be skipped.


MIT © Benjamin Winterberg