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Command syntax

mhy [process|tool] [argument1] [argument2] [...]

All arguments will be passed to the given process's CLI tool, just like you would use that tool by default - making mhy act as a wrapper for your command.

mhy jest -u

# Equals to (except it's using the environment/config provided by mhy)
jest -u


You may change some behaviors of mhy and it's processes by changing the following config options under the key: mhy

Option Default Details
defaultIndexHtml process.cwd()/src/index.html or resources/index.html Falls back to global if local not found.
srcFolder src Root folder to be used for sources.
defaultIgnoreList See: src/configs/mhy -
defaultAliases { '@' : 'src' } Default aliases to be resolved. With the default solution you only need to use it as @/components for example.
ecosystem ['webpack-dev-server', 'tsc', 'jest', 'storybook-start'] The default ecosystem to be loaded.


The process.env.NODE_ENV variable is having different effects on different parts of mhy which can be either development or production. The term root in the hierarchy is always referring to the resource that's being available in every case, regardless of the current environment.


With each version of mhy we're also releasing a Docker image containing the corresponding version. It can be used to speed up deployments and/or to prevent a local/global install on your host OS.

docker pull wintercounter/mhy
docker run -it -v $(pwd):/app -w /app wintercounter/mhy mhy jest

# On Windows (different CWD syntax)
docker run -it -v %CD%:/app -w /app wintercounter/mhy mhy jest

Docker Hub repository & versions

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