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The ACCEL-PPTP is PPTP client plugin for PPP.
ACCEL-PPTP uses kernel module to increase performance and decrease system usage.
For more documentation about PPTP visit POPTOP web site.

1. Modern linux distribution
2. kernel-2.6.36 or later with PPTP support
3. pppd-2.4.2 or later
4. CMake 2.6 or later

First at all, make sure that your kernel properly configured. You should have
pptp.ko kernel module. Here some hints, how to enable support in kernel (tested
on 2.6.39):

[*] Networking support ->
  Networking options ->
    [*] TCP/IP networking ->
      <M> IP: GRE demultiplexer ->
        <M> IP: GRE tunnels over IP ->
Device Drivers ->
  [*] Network device support ->
    <M> PPP (point-to-point protocol) support ->
      <M> PPP over IPv4 (PPTP)

Don't forget load module pptp.ko when connecting:

modprobe pptp

Untar tarball:

tar jxvf accel-pptp-<VER>.tar.bz2

Create build directory:

mkdir accel-pptp_build
cd accel-pptp_build

Now you can compile plugin (PPP_PREFIX_DIR is where PPP prefix dir, usually 
this is /usr):

cmake ../accel-pptp-<VER> -DPPP_PREFIX_DIR=/usr

Just make install from accel-pptp_build directory.

If you are beginner in PPTP please read documentation available on POPTOP web
Configuration is same as original pptpd and pptp.
Exception in configuration of client is:
replace line in peer config file (for instance, /etc/ppp/peers/my_vpn):
  pty "pptp x.x.x.x ...." 
  plugin "/usr/lib/pptp.so" (path may differ)
  pptp_server x.x.x.x (required)
  pptp_phone xxxx (optional)
  pptp_window xxx (optional) - this is sliding window size (at current time
automatic algorithm is not implemented),
                               set it to  3-10 for low-speed connections,
                                      to   >10 for hi-speed connections. 
Remove lock option in /etc/ppp/options.pptp, /etc/ppp/options.pptpd or similar
if it exists.

See configuration example in example directory.

Warning !!!
1. This driver conflicts with ip_gre driver (in kernel), so make sure that
ip_gre is not built-in or loaded at run time.
2. Never mix connections of accel-pptp and original pptpd, before starting
accel-pptp make sure that no connections of original pptpd exists.
3. If you are upgrading pppd, don't forget recompile and reinstall pptp plugin

Author of original accel-pptp code Dmitry Kozlov <xeb@mail.ru>
Thanks to Kirill Yushkov for debug support and donations.